Inspecting Poured Wall Foundation Cracks

Poured concrete walls can have cracks for a variety of reasons with foundation settlement being a rare one. Cracks that occur as a result of soil pressure or other outside loads are also rare, but they do happen. Shrinkage from the drying process can cause minor cracks horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Cracks can also appear due to unusual point loads and improperly sealed pipe or conduit penetration into the slab.

Most cracks in a poured wall foundation, as mentioned above, might cause issues with moisture penetration, and steps can definitely be taken to remedy this if desired. Especially would a homeowner would want to prevent moisture penetration in a basement living space to prevent mold and other moisture related problems.

Settlement cracks however do need to be given attention. It is important to measure the crack and observe it closely for growth in the width. This would indicate that the foundation needs to be stabilized immediately. All of this, of course is in addition to any moisture intrusion prevention that might be desired.

Read through other articles on this site that address the types of cracks you may be seeing, and request a free inspection from a qualified foundation repair specialist to give yourself peace of mind.


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