Diagnosing Bulging or Bowing Foundation Walls

A foundation wall is considered to be bulging or bowed when any point in the body of the wall is pushed inwards further than the top and bottom of the wall. This can be a very dangerous situation and the cause needs to be determined as soon as possible.

Bulging or bowing foundation walls can be caused by soil pressure from outside. Sometimes this can be expansion of the earth due to frost. Sometimes the pressure can come from vehicle loading. And sometimes the pressure comes from earth movement toward the home. Since bulging or bowing foundation walls is always accompanied by horizontal cracks, even in poured foundation walls, we highly recommend reading our article on Diagnosing Horizontal Foundation Cracks to learn more.

The repair method chosen for this condition of course changes, but possible solutions are wall anchors, which anchor the wall into the surrounding soil. Steel beams can be used to stabilize the wall. Carbon fiber straps, accompanied by Kevlar neck ties are also common stabilizing repair methods. In some cases, the soils around the house need to be excavated and proper drainage installed before a proper repair can be implemented.

Don’t let your home be destroyed by a damaged foundation! A properly repaired foundation can prevent further damage and restore your home’s value. It’s better to have a professional foundation specialist fix and warrant your foundation than to allow the situation to get worse.


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