Diagnosing Leaning Foundation Walls

The causes of a leaning foundation wall can be the same as those that cause bulging or bowing in foundation walls and horizontal cracking. The difference is usually the structure itself rather than the type of pressure. A leaning foundation wall usually occurs in steel reinforced concrete walls, or block foundation walls reinforced with vertical steel rods and concrete.

The pressure can be the same. If there is pressure closer to the top of the wall, from things such as frost and vehicle loading, then the wall will seem to tip in at the top. If the pressure is from the soil lower in the wall, then the wall can actually lean inwards from the bottom. This condition can also be accompanied by a horizontal shifting of the block, either sliding from the footer, or in some cases, some blocks shifting inward while lower blocks stay in the same position.

In all cases, the source of the exterior pressure needs to be identified and rectified. Then, repair methods should be chosen to establish a structurally sound foundation wall.


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