Diagnosing Causes of Foundation Cracks

The first step in repairing a damaged foundation is to determine the root cause of the damage. Take a look at your foundation. Is your home built with a concrete block foundation, poured concrete walls, or does it have a poured slab floor?

What kind of cracks are you seeing? Where do you see them? If you are looking at foundation walls, are the cracks vertical, horizontal, or diagonal? Being a good observer of the types of cracks you are seeing and where they seem to originate is the beginning to an effective investigation.

Next, it is important to note the surroundings of your home. How does the dirt stack up against your home? Sometimes pressure from outside causes cracks on the inside. Are there trees nearby? Roots can cause cracks, as well as decaying roots from trees that have been removed. Does there appear to be settling of the soil on the outside of your home? Perhaps the soil underneath your foundation footer is settling unevenly and leaving space for the foundation’s footer to drop and crack.

Are the foundation walls bowing? Is there evidence of a water leak?

Once you have closely examined the types of cracks you are seeing and your foundation type, read the related articles on this site. This will give you some good general knowledge about what you are seeing. Invite on of our recommended foundation experts for your area to your home for a free inspection. Listen closely to their input and ask plenty of questions.


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